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Re: Not Pretty Enough...

stephent wrote:

Hi everyone.

"Don't I make you laugh

Should I try it harder

Why do you see right through me"

From the song "Not Pretty Enough" by Kasey Chambers.



The photo's title doesn't reflect my interpretation of the image, but I must admit that the title did set me on a path of thought that led to my ultimate conclusion.

Occasionally we've had interesting discussions here about titling -- as to whether it unduly steers and/or limits viewers' adventure of exploration and discovery in an image. I think it's a question which hasn't and won't find an all-purpose answer, because every picture is unique and is received in individual circumstances. Still, even without hope of a definitive answer to "Title or Not Title" it's a question always worth reconsideration on case-by-case basis.

For me, the poignant theme of this picture is that both (indeed all) "flowers" have imperfections, that flash is merely cosmetic, and that Petunia's "Am I worthy?" plaint is truly irrelevant if only she had the confidence pitched by Mr. Rogers in every TV episode.

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