Aperture+Nik Plug ins: Masters gone? How are versions affected?

Started Aug 21, 2013 | Questions thread
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emailsucks98 Regular Member • Posts: 308
Aperture+Nik Plug ins: Masters gone? How are versions affected?

I recently DL'd the demo of the NIK plug-in software for aperture... first impressions were great!

But today (day 3 of the 15 day demo) I noticed something strange- first, I should explain the workflow I used, starting with RAW images:

  1. Did some basic editing in aperture (which of course created a version)
  2. Opened the version in Colo Efex Pro 4 & Viveza 2, more editing, saved
  3. deleted the original version in aperture (the one which included the basic edits, but not the NIK edits)

Now for these photos, I am noticing that:

  • The aperture tools do not show my original edits (although the image has them). They are "baselined" like a new photo.
  • The RAW Masters are gone (or at least, I cannot "create new version from master")

This is leading me to believe the plug-ins are creating entirely new .tiff images (not versions) and all edits are essentially permanent and destructive, is this so? I suppose this makes sense, but it's disappointing....I can see where my library will get quite large if I am storing both RAW masters and TIFFs which contain the plug-in edits. Or perhaps this is limited demo functionality?

Any tips on this would be appreciated. Also curious if there are other comparable products that I should consider- OnOne stuff seems great.

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