5DMKIII and Lens vs. 1DX - Need advice!!!!

Started Aug 21, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: 5DMKIII and Lens vs. 1DX - Need advice!!!!

While I personally would rather have the lens, for your work it seems that the 1DX is essential.  It was made for conditions like those you describe, with water and sand.  With the 5D Mark III in such conditions, you're facing a very real risk of losing the camera and therefore losing the shots you need to get the rest of the day after the camera breaks.  Clearly 1 is your option.  The 5D Mark III is fine in most circumstances and will largely give you pictures just as good as those from the 1DX, but the 1DX is available for photographers, like you, who need maximum environmental protection.

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