Would you still by the 5D Mrk III?

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joseph shtekler
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Re: Would you still by the 5D Mrk III?

clarkent1234 wrote:

Honestly, do you think that Canon will make an APS-C camera with an IQ close to the one from 5D MK3 which is a full-frame camera ??? Come on, man ,be serious !!!!! Take your money and go buy your copy of 5D MK3 and stop being such a child !!!!!!

Haha some people can wait for something that's not even coming out. And they don't know what's coming too. Some serious faith.

What happened to taking photos today anymore? Everyone seems to be stuck on the next version of something.

Buy the 5dmk3, it will blow your head off.

You are right, if you want the best camera that just came out from the oven. you better be rich.

buy what you realy need and can afford.

I bought the 6D it good camera.  (but if I had more money I would buy the 5DIII )

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