So, I think I've decided on the Sony a57.

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So, I think I've decided on the Sony a57.

After reviewing the possibilities, I think I've decided to purchase a Sony a57.

The cameras I've been considering recently are: Pentax K-30, Sony a57 and Sony A580.

While, I think I actually like the Pentax K-30 more than the a57, I feel that purchasing a Sony camera will allow me access to the large market of Minolta lenses and allow my dollar to go much further than competing systems.

I'm also not too sure on the SLT system and was very close to deciding on the A580. However, I figure that Sony's SLT system isn't going anywhere any time soon and that it would be best to purchase one earlier before I have invested into Sony/Minolta Lenses. (I am also much more likely to hate if I get used to a dslr system first, I figure.) If I don't find the SLT system usable, I can liquidate before becoming too invested into A-mount.

Third: Holy heck, is the a57 cheap right now.

So, in summary:

  1. A-mount is good value.
  2. SLT may suck, so lets try it before it's too late.
  3. Sony SLT-a57 is a great value itself.

Does anyone have any feedback for my approach? Does my thought process seem sane? This will be my first dslr type camera.

I don't plan on being a very active hobbyist and which is why the minolta lenses are so attractive. If I'm not very active, then it's hard to justify spending large sums of money on nicer lenses. Even if the minolta lenses aren't the best available, It seems like I can purchase them much cheaper which will afford me opportunities I wouldn't've had otherwise.

I plan on shooting photos of pets/animals, maybe some landscape and random things I see while out and about. I like taking pictures of 'deteriorated' things where the paint is wearing thin, etc.

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