Nikon 1: Do Nikon listen to their customers?

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Re: Nikon 1: Do Nikon listen to their customers?

IVN wrote:

That is not entirely correct. The iPhone is much more than iPod+Phone. Apple was clearly aiming at people who not only want music on the way, but don't want to carry an additional device with their phone, but also at tech savvy people, as well as noobs who only know facebook and youtube, and think that's the whole internet. They were essentially expanding the market of mobile phones, by integrating features found on other devices (MP3 players, Notebooks, etc).

And Nikon was doing a similar thing with the N1.

They wanted the size to be manageable for people who only knew compact cameras. Obviously much of the size and weight comes from the lenses, not the camera. There is a limit on how small you can make a camera before handling and usability start to suffer. For smaller lenses you need a smaller sensor. Nikon was not concerned with the IQ as much, because 1" would be a serious upgrade for these users.

Nikon wanted the cameras and lenses to be user friendly, that's why most of them have no focus ring and non of them has an aperture ring. And that's also why N1 cameras have so much number crunching power under the hood. Your average Joe doesn't want to wait, and he doesn't want to learn a single thing. Therefore precise WB, fast AF and burst, and those gimmicky features (best shot and what not) were implemented.

Some of these features however do not only benefit the beginner. Experienced photogs value fast speed of operation and a long lasting battery. They also value the reach, which the crop factor provides, and some users value the video features, which can not be found on any other mirrorless or DSLR camera on the market (expending the market just like Apple with the iPhone). 4k RAW, super slow-mo, seriously good AF during video with pretty good subject tracking.

Clearly, Nikon was not only trying to protect it's DSLR sales, but to expand the market and offer something entirely unique.

Well stated, It's all to easy to complain about what we don't have and apparently difficult to see what we do have.

A quick look at the Canon M forum (and others too) will show how the users there are missing the features we take for granted.

Boy am I glad I'm not Nikon or any other camera manufacturer, I will suffer from a bloody nose perpetually !

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