Who's image is better, Carsten Krieger's or mine?

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Re: BOTH images are HIS...the difference is the original doesn't look like a cartoon.

marike6 wrote:

BOTH images are Krieger's. Swiping someone's image and spending two minutes applying a cartoonish, over-saturated HDR actions to it, doesn't mean it's all of the sudden YOURS.

Second, his image is for an article on "Poor Weather Photography", not "Bright Sunny Day Photography". It's about context. If he wanted to make a grey day looking like a bright sunny beach day he could have done that.

Whether you think it's underexposed or not, interesting compositionally or not, doesn't give you the right to create a poll critical of the guy's photography.

When you have examples of own work, images in YOUR gallery, you will then have every right to post them, ask for C&C, discuss various edits, etc.

If DPR has an article in the future featuring some of your images, you'd be furious if someone started a Poll about how poor they are. Frankly you sound a bit jealous that DPR selected someone else's work for an article. If you are so convinced that you could do better work, go for it. Nobody is stopping you.

I was wondering if Tedolf had returned as a reincarnated chess master (see OPs moniker) to troll us again.

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