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Re: * Wed C&C (No Theme) Thread, Ed. 278, 13 08 21 *

minniev wrote:

Here's a problem picture taken this morning off Cumberland Island, GA. The horizon is in the middle, the subject is in the middle, if I straighten it, it looks crooked and if I don't it still looks crooked. Too contrasty. What else? Any helpful hints also appreciated.

I think Thane is on track -- decisions on the picture will flow from a decision on a theme. Also, Dave's observation that the far margin between land and sky (not the near shore) is the true horizon is correct and that it appears level.

To my eye, one promising theme would be tranquility, calm. However, the blue sky is exuberant, which presents the viewer with a visually mixed theme message. So, you could use a top-crop to take off all the blue above the clouds. This would yield a more panoramic aspect, get the boat more off-center, and unify the mood. Sky still would be present in an understated reflection, consistent with a low-key mood.

Because wide horizontal has a natural association with calm, I would not recommend any side crops. Also, I would not crop the bottom, because the bit of sky reflection there helps establish depth.

Other potential thematic approaches are possible. Once a decision is made on desired theme, choices on treatments and presentation will fall into place.

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