Nikon 1: Do Nikon listen to their customers?

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Re: Nikon 1: Do Nikon listen to their customers?

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There is a long thread on this Forum about why Nikon 1 is failing - over 130 posts so far. Question is 'Do Nikon listen?' and if so 'To whom do they listen?

130 or so posts on a thread on this forum may not make a ripple at 'Nikon towers' but a post from a website like 'Thom Hogan' just might:

Thom repeats many of the arguements made on this site ... but if you read his blog it is clear that he actually loves the N1 system ... as most of us who actually own it do! And he has put his finger on the two main elements of Nikon's lack of understanding viz;

a) Why a 1inch sensor does not really matter for most customers and why Nikon have failed to get that message accross

Thom makes a great point. Instead of defensive marketing (like negating the disadvantages of the 1" sensor), Nikon should have tried to get the advantages across. Like camera and lens size, the AF speed, burst rate, and so on. The crop factor and the telephoto advantage should have also been mentioned in the commercials, in order to engage enthusiasts who may be interested, but have disregarded the camera because of the small sensor.


b) Why a higher price requires a full feature set - or conversely with the current feature set the price is too high.

This is also right. There is no excuse to not have an intervalometer, exposure bracketing, focus peaking and long exposure feature like the NEX cameras on the V2. These features do not require any additional hardware, only additional software (FW). There is also no reason to not have an inexpensive adapter for the new flash mount. This way the consumer can choose whether he wants to prioritize size and buy one of the smaller N1 flashes or opt for more power and get/use his existing SB600/700/800/900. It was also an idiotic decision to drop the V1 battery to save a couple of millimeters at the expense of compatibility.

With all these features the V2 would have been a decent deal even at the release price.

I would like the V3 to have all of this and an improved sensor. That's what would take in order for me to shell out €900 at release.

worth a read remembering that he can possibly make a difference wheras I doubt any amount of our rantings ever will....

I think you are wrong. I bet some PR/Marketing ppl at Nikon are reading here regularly. The problem probably is, that these are USA reps who have little say in Japan, where all the design decisions are being made.

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