Why I do not consider the rumoured EM-1 a true E5 successor or alternative

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Messier Object wrote:

Doug Brown wrote:

For 95 percent of what the majority of pros do today the E-M1 will run circles around the E5.

Say we give a Sports pro an E-5 with ZD300mm , and an EM-5 with a 75-300mm to shoot a football match. How do think he would rate the two ?


I think he would say 'How come the other guy gets to use the ZD 300mm?'
The E-M1 is equally capable with the ZD 300mm.

But were he forced to use the mZuiko with a lower refresh rate the EVF, I think he'd tell you that the micro camera has faster, surer Single auto focus with better continuous AF ability. This would be somewhat offset by the viewfinder blackout EVF's still have.
So in one sense the E-M1 is better, in another it's not.

As media photographer who actually has shot NFL football games from the sidelines I can tell you that the E5 doesn't exactly excel at this kind of photography. It's do-able, but not the best.

So what percentage of pros do you think are shooting football games from the sidelines? I could count the number of full time professional sports photographers in this town on the fingers of two hands. Ninety five percent of the profession will never find themselves in this scenario.

Douglas Brown

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