A New d7100 Battery Grip (Commentary & Pictures)

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Re: D7100 Battery Grip - ??? Chinese Knock-Off

Guys I need some help...
I purchased a "Pixel Pro Vertax Battery Grip for Nikon D7100" in May 2013 and in the first month everything was fine.
But after some use the "Shutter release button" and the "Multi selector" stopped working. I took the whole grip off from the D7100 body, and then took it back and the buttons were good again. But it didn't last too long: last saturday I shot a wedding and the above mentioned buttons stopped working again! Although I took off the whole grip again and took it back, it didnt want to work. I tried it several times but still nothing... But the body can use the battery which is placed in the grip, and the grip fits well, so I dont know where the problem is.

And now comes the worst: currently I can't take off the grip bacause the "ring" was pulled too hard, and I can't turn it back. Ohhh please help, any idea how to take it off? (Then I may can send it back to the UK.)

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