the D4x is coming.

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Re: are you suggesting NR NDA?

Didn't NR have pics of the D800 online months before the release while 99% of the people insisted they were fake, the body would never look like this, specs were wrong, bla bla. And it turned out to be spot on. I seriously doubt NR is under NDA. If he had to wait for the official news, there would be no point for him in having that blog in the first place.

I'm not surprised no one has 'spotted/leaked' a D4x as they are virtually impossible to visually distinguish from the original probably. Without a 'badge' you couldn't tell a D3 from a D3s or a D3x, could you?

If Nikon has a smart marketing department, they may throw him a 'controlled' leak now and then. But so far he seems to come up with a lot more substantial stuff then Steve has so far.

What baffles me is that no one has picked up on the BIG news yet....

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