EPL5 has jittery setting display

Started Aug 20, 2013 | Discussions thread
springsnow New Member • Posts: 23
Re: EPL5 has jittery setting display

williama wrote:

Has anyone had this issue with their EPL5? It's almost impossible to select and change settings on the Super Control Panel or in the Menu due to the selection options jumping back and forth between the options even if I hold it firmly on a table! If you're holding it in your hands you get the impression it is sensitive to movement. I love this camera's abilities so much that I hardly pick up my D600 anymore, but trying to change settings is maddening!

Any suggestions or advice is welcome.

Thanks, in advance.

Wow, I thought mine was just spastic. Yes, I have the same issue. I have a feeling it's due to the scroll wheel. During shooting, it can be maddening when you try to pick a focus point and the thing just keep going back and forth. Also highly annoying when reviewing images. Mine is running the latest firmware.

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