the reason why EP5 doesn't have a corner VF...

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the reason why EP5 doesn't have a corner VF...

...Oly was holding out for the third OMD : OMD 'light' :

priced the same as an EP5,

to similar build and quality specs,

not weathersealed,

smaller and lighter than the original OMD,

simpler, more basic, almost minimalist design, maybe slightly pentax Q like in appearance, but more importantly, more OM1 like, with a lower profile and flat body, no grip, but the lens mount and viewfinder more centered so the areas on either side are more or less equal to grip onto, with grippy surface like almost sandpapery leather grain

no built in flash,

built in viewfinder is lower quality, like vf3 (to keep price down/competitive)

less prominent hump (as on OM1)

only one dial in addition to PASM (on the front below the shutter, better for keeping a hold on the camera without readjusting thumb support), but effectively doubled anyway with 2x switch or whatever it is that's on the EP5,

static (non tilting) screen (again to keep price down, and going with the more minimalist theme)

same sensor and 5 axis image stabilization

basically the opposite of the EM1 : like an EPM version of an OMD : not necessarily dumbed down, but certainly a little stripped down

Flat view
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