Pentax WG-3 vs Olympus TG-3 - movie limitations

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Pentax WG-3 vs Olympus TG-3 - movie limitations


I'm in the market for a rugged camera to take caving (note - wet, dirty, gets knocked, low light). Camera use will be stills and movies.

So far I've narrowed it down to Pentax WG-3 and Olympus TG-2. But both seem to have their problems and neither seems to be even remotely close to perfect

Photo quality has been reviewed quite deeply in DPR as well as other sites but no one seems to review movie mode properly. For example:

1a. What's the wide angle for movie mode in the Pentax and Olympus? Is it the same as photo mode?

1b. If Pentax uses software NR for video this should come at the expense of wide angle - so it's not going to be 25 at the wide end, right?

2. Olympus has the choppy video probably resulting from hardware NR. Has anyone experienced this with the pentax software NR?

3. Is the video output of the pentax limited to 25 minutes at all resolutions (even the lower ones) or is it simply the 4Gb file limitation?

4. Is it 1080p or 1080i at 30fps?

Other issues in general:

1. How bad is the low light focusing in the pentax? Does it eventualy focus or simply give up and default to something?

2. Tripod mount is at the far end on the pentax, properly centered on the olympus

Answers will be most welcome. I am leaning towards the pentax (as a result of having a w20 for many many years of service - still works)


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