Voigtlander 42.5mm f0.95 has arrived

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Voigtlander 42.5mm f0.95 has arrived

A month ago, I prerordered the Voigtlander 42.5mm f0.95, prior to its August release.  It arrived this morning, and first impressions show it to be just as wonderful as the 25mm and 17.5mm.

The lens body is just as physically wide as the 17.5mm, although suprisingly shorter, about the same length as the 25.  As with the 25 and 17.5, the 42.5 is a bit soft and glowy wide open, but the glow steadily disappears as you stop down, giving a very sharp image at f2 and over.  As a wide open portrait lens, it will be very flattering to the subject.

Also similar to its two siblings, the 42.5 has a short focus throw from infinity to 2m, and a progressively longer focus throw all the way down to 0.23m.  It's practically an 85mm macro lens equivalent.  My guess is that the short throw from infinity to 2m is to help with focus speed, and the much longer macro range focus throw is to help provide exact focus at much shorter distances.

Like the 25 and 17.5, the focus ring turns with silky smoothness, just like manual focus lenses from the older days.  Voigtlander's build quality is top notch, although there is a tiny bit of play at the lens mount on my GH3, and my 17.5 has a touch of play as well.

The aperture declick ring is more firm than on the 25 and 17.5.  I think they have tweaked the spring and tolerances for the 42.5.

Bokeh is of similar character to the 25 and 17.5: very smooth and soft, and even at f2.8 it's not busy or 'harsh'.

I'm really looking forward to shooting some jobs with the 42.5, as I have been using the Olympus 45 and 75 for low light video work, and doing focus pulls is not easy, even with their greatly improved focus by wire.  When the Panasonic 42.5/1.2 was announced, I considered canceling my Voigtlander preorder as I really like the use of AF in run and gun fast paced shooting, but the Voigtlander will always have a place due to its smooth manual focus.  Overall I'm very pleased and excited about this lens!

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