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Re: Water Trough on El Paseo

dave gaines wrote:

A small piece of the water trough at the Pasadena Paseo, an open-air shopping center. It's part of a patio that was created about 10 years ago between Pasadena City Hall (below) and the Civic Auditorium. From the Auditorium one can look through this patio, which was once an open street, to the City Hall and the Main Library. That was the original City Master Plan in the 1920s.

This humble fountain pays tribute to the City of Roses, the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl. The beauty of this patio is that 20 or 30 years ago developers had closed that view with an ugly monolithic mall of big box stores. The mall eventually died a slow death and in the interest of creating a more inviting space, the (re)developers opened up the building and built the patio to restore the historic view.

This is the patio where I photographed the "Rusted Flowers" and "Steele Magnolias" I posted this week. The Rose Parade passes by about 150 feet north of here.

E-5 and 25 mm f/1.4 lens, ISO 200, f/2.5, 1/60 sec.

I concur with Thane's comments on the rose pool mosaic in that the brightness of the lower part of the frame overwhelms the intricate, more interesting art in the upper half.

Taking pictures of art is an ambivalent exercise for me in that I always feel that it's not simple to photographically bring something to the art that enhances or expands on the artist's vision. Architecture seems different though; it often begs to be photographed.

Anyway, back to the roses. The picture holds many contrasts -- (water/stone, light/dark, solid/liquid, square/unsquare tiles & patterns, etc.) -- but for me none of the contrasts evoke poignancy, though I have no ideas how that might be accomplished.

If you re-shoot this, you might try having the spout off center and sprinkling a few pink rose petals on the water just below the mosaic.

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