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Re: Nice...m4/3, maybe so?!?

goblin wrote:

Mark Chan wrote:

...but closes the door to oly...

For what it's worth - I don't think it closes the door to Oly. Both brands supposedly correct geometrically. It's just that too much relying on soft. correction is - hey - too much

Plus (conspiracy mode on) - who says Oly actually WANTS users to get good results with the most expensive Panny lenses ? Hey, I'd be them, it wouldn't hurt me if users are puzzled after trying the expensive Panny lenses and getting more distortion with them than an Oly kit lens. How many of them would actually go the length to compare them with a Panny body ?

Lol on the distortion.

well, CA reduction in camera is found only in PANA bodies, and I do find a bit on the photos of my EM-5 with the 1235 on.

You may well be right that OLY simply chose not to have that in camera, and maybe offloaded to their OLY Viewer software.

Anyway, I have since decided I want mainly OLY lenses, but will consider the LEICA cobranded PANA lenses.

Now if OLY would kindly announce their constant f2.8 zoom versions I will be a happy many.

I so do want the SWD lenses to work - so my 50-200mm can get back into action!

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