Anyone know of a hotshoe adaptor with PC sync input and not output on it?

Started Aug 20, 2013 | Discussions thread
WFulton Senior Member • Posts: 2,695
Re: Agree - some PC to hot-shoe adaptors are directional.

UKphotographers wrote:

Which PC to hot-shoe adapters are directional - so that they can be avoided?

Not many IMO, except those adapters with electronics in them are surely single direction out.  For example, optical slave or radio triggers in this adapter format - they have electronics driving the output, and input won't get through them.

I doubt the TTL pass thorough are necessarily directional, no electronics.  They are just four wires, all pass through, and back, no electronics. That is their function.

The SB-800 has the PC sync connector, which is bidirectional, output or input.  It also has the 3-pin old style connectors, which is film TTL passthrough, and the  trigger contact is bidirectional.  I use two SB-800 in macro work with PC cord to one, and then a 3-pin cable connecting the two, which triggers the second from the first.

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