I wasn't here last spring, but you guys can tell me

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Re: I wasn't here last spring, but you guys can tell me

RealPancho wrote:

I'm betting that in the run-up to the E-M5's debut, there wasn't nearly as much excitement, hand wringing, gnashing of teeth, and general noisemaking as there is about the upcoming E-M1. Am I correct? Would any of you mind recounting your memories of that time? You could include whatever context and/or history lessons you might find useful. I think it would be interesting, at least for me, as I haven't even been a member for a year yet.

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OH, no, it was BRUTAL.  There were endless discussions about the sensor and who made it (with the assumption that it had to be a Panasonic sensor, and probably a tweaked G3 one).  There was a whole geshrey about the hump.

Then, after it started appearing in people's hands, there was the IBIS hum...and the peeling paint on a few black cameras.

It went on and on, until it became obvious that this was a really good camera with a great sensor, not made by Panasonic....then it died down.

However it was months of this...


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