Canon Pro 9000 ii magenta cast (again)

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Re: Canon Pro 9000 ii magenta cast (again)

markie623 wrote:

Working in Lightroom 5, yesterday all was fine. Today I got the dreaded magenta cast with my Canon Pro 9000 ii (on my Imac 2012 Mountain Lion OS). It sure looks like double profiling, but in the printer dialog box, color matching is greyed out as is color options. Printed in Photoshop with Photoshop manages color checked, still magenta.

Tried reinstalling the driver. No luck. Printed in Canon Easy Print... still magenta.

Printed with the Printer managing print, with correct icc profile and still magenta.

Any ideas on why the printer would suddenly start up with this color shift?

Thanks for any help,


This what you should be seeing on the Canon MAC driver. Though this is for iP4700 the same applies. If you can not access this then something is wrong.

All of these crazy odd problems is why I abandoned the MAC OS inability to get along with the EPSON and CANON drivers and went to Windows for all my printing.


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