Enough of the FF Trolls and their tiresome DOF tirade Locked

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Enough of the FF Trolls and their tiresome DOF tirade

I try to enjoy this forum, I love my m43 gear and love photography. Though it seems that every thread is infected with tiresome FF trolling.
What is the deal with nearly any thread about M43 and especially threads about lenses somehow attracting FF trolls?
YES it is a 2x crop.
YES the aperture is the same (I trust the lens manufacturers on this one).
YES the DOF is also 2x.
Hey trolls guess what? M43 owners could really CARE LESS about light gathering pixel density BLAH BLAH BLAH.....
We chose this system for whatever reason. I have taken incredibly wonderful shots with this system. Photos that astonish nearly everyone who sees them. I would post them, but given a lot of them include my family, so I have chosen not to post any of my work online.
The quality of both Olympus and Panasonic glass is exceptional.
The big draw for me is that YES the system is LIGHTER and SMALLER! I can carry around my GH1 or GH2 with the Oly 45 or Panny 20mm and maybe a legacy lens in the bag, and I don't EVER notice the weight. The camera itself is unobtrusive and I am not pointing a FF bazooka at complete strangers.
I love the EVF, what you see is what you get, the articulating LCD which allows me to shoot from crazy low angles, etc....
I LOVE the ability to shoot nearly any legacy lens ever made!
We don't visit your FF forum, leave this forum alone.
Seems the FF trolls have some kind of persistent insecurity about the size of their equipment.

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