Help with voigtlander lenses on M8

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Re: Help with voigtlander lenses on M8

cyberguy wrote:

Hi to everyone this day!
I need some expert advice on using my Voigtlander lenses (Epson Rd-1X) on my newly purchased M8. My Skopar 35 2.5 (Screw mt fitted in an adapter) brings up the 28mm frame. My 40mm 1.5 brings up the 50mm frame. How can I get this straightened out? I am wondering if the adapter that came with the lens is wrong.

For the screw mount lens, the adapter is probably incorrect.

40mm lenses on the Ms always bring up the 50mm frame lines, there are no 40mm frame lines in any body but a CL. What many people do is file the frameline tang on the lens flange (just a very little bit) so that it brings up the 35mm frame lines, or just get used to framing with the camera showing the 50mm frame lines. You can guesstimate it by toggling back and forth between the 35 and 50 frame lines with the lever until you get a good feel for what the right framing is.

Oh yes, and Voigtländer makes a 40mm OVF as well, if you really want a more precise framing tool.

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