Why I do not consider the rumoured EM-1 a true E5 successor or alternative

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95% ....

For 95 percent of what the majority of pros do today the E-M1 will run circles around the E5.

Technology moves on, and after using an EVF long enough with it's direct input on exposure, WB, image review, compositional aids, etc. going back to the OVF style camera seems primitive by comparison.

For every circumstance where the EVF is the lesser performer there are many others where the EVF beats an OVF in functionality.
For every time the m4/3's units are deemed too small in handling, there is the year-long, life-long benefit of not lugging all that overweight full frame nonsense around all day.
I know many pro journalists who are openly discussing their coming forced retirement when their backs and shoulders can no longer take the stress of using full frame anymore. And these are young guys I'm talking about.

People resisted auto exposure, then auto focus, now the EVF, but all SLR's will eventually end up where the E-M1 is right now.
And with the E-M1 Olympus has not only produced a pro camera right at the leading edge, but has showed up with 22 non plus ultra 4/3 lenses capable of taking on any professional task with full functionality.

If the OP wants to leave now, and sell his existing DSLR investment off at a big loss to go to another brand, all because of artifacts on airplane propellers (I'm still laughing about that one) he'll be leaving right at the moment Olympus takes a very large stride forward, and buying technology that's going to be superseded in every brand in the next few years by exactly the kind of camera Olympus has today, and will continue to have the lead in producing for the future.

This is the one beautiful system. And it's pretty kick-@ss capable.

Douglas Brown

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