Would you still by the 5D Mrk III?

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Re: Would you still by the 5D Mrk III?

TGM123 wrote:


I primarily shoot sports and portraits.

Looks the new 7D II is only a matter of time at this point. While I don’t put too much stock in rumors, they seem to have been coalescing around better ISO performance, higher MP (20-24), 10FPS, “high grade” weather sealing, and a improved AF system (5D III like) and at a price point about $1000 cheaper than the 5D III:


I am trying to decide if I should wait for the 7D II or go with the 5D III. Before these specs started gaining more credibility, I was going to pull the trigger on the 5D III but…alas…I have doubts.

So, IF these stats end up being correct, would you still want to buy the 5D MrkIII for what looks like will be an extra $1000 if you were are sports/portraits shooter?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

First, I would say that those rumored specs are just that--rumor.  Far from clear to me that this latest list of specs has any more credibility than any of the other rumored specs that are circulating.

Second, I'd be very, very surprised if the 7D2's high ISO performance matches that of the 5D3.  Very unlikely IMO, particularly since it appears the new 70D's sensor doesn't offer much in the way of improved ISO performance over the 60D it replaces.

Third, if it has all the features listed, and great high ISO performance, I'll be very surprised if it comes in at $2,000.  If it does, then no one will buy the 5D3.

If you can afford to wait, and are willing to accept the possibility that, after waiting, the 7D2 that's actually delivered may fall well short of your hopes, then go ahead and wait.  Otherwise, if the 5D3 checks all your boxes, find the best price you can on a new or refurbished copy of the 5D3, and start shooting with what I consider to be the best all-round camera I've ever owned (and I've owned a few).

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