One beautiful system by chance or by planning?

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One beautiful system by chance or by planning?

Hi all,

(First - since this is my first post - I have been a long time lurker and 43rds user; I still have an E1 and E510 lying around. But I also use a Pana G5, hence my interest in both systems.)

I would like to know what people here think about the upcoming EM1 and the OBS - there are already a few threads about it here on 1022: It seems that the one beautiful system will arrive with this camera. But I do wonder - is that just by chance, because Oly went together with Sony? Or is this really something that they would have achieved in their original setup that existed when m43rds was first introduced?

I am basically wondering if Oly would have achieved this camera without the Sony partnership or if Olys financial problems and the subsequent Sony partnership was really fortunate for regular 43rds users in that it provided Oly with sensor tech needed to create the OBS?

It doesn't really matter of course, because Sony did team up with Oly, so the Oly-only route isn't there anymore. But I was always wondering if the OBS was just a myth, and why Oly didn't communicate any dates or milestones more clearly, so I would be interested in hearing your opinions.


Stevo P

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