Is the E-PL5 right for me?

Started Aug 20, 2013 | Questions thread
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Is the E-PL5 right for me?

Hi everyone. First time posting in the M4/3 forum.

In a couple of weeks I am heading off from the UK to New Zealand for 3 months travelling, and i'm looking to upgrade my camera from my Samsung NX10.

I've had the NX10 for a couple of years now but it's starting to show its age (slow RAW processing, terrible low light performance). I never got any extra lenses for it so i've got no ties to the system.

Initially I was pretty certain on getting the Sony NEX 5R (£420 in the UK) but the more I read into it the more I heard about how soft the lenses are with a real lack of sharpness.

When looking at the 5R I had dismissed the m4/3 format for their smaller sensors, but after more research tonight it seems that the system is a very good one to get into.

The E-PL5 is around the sort of price I am looking to spend on a new camera (with the GF6 a consideration). Can anyone help me make my mind up and tell me its a great travel camera for Landscapes.

I'm sure you've all done the same as I have spending far too long researching cameras, reaching the point where you just get fed up with too many options!

Any travel/landscape lens advice would also be very welcome!


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