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Re: Nice...m4/3, maybe so?!?

Mark Chan wrote:

Paul Auclair wrote:

Mark Chan wrote:


From my experience the 12-35 from PAna gets easily distorted on the wide side. This is fixed software side on PAna bodies only. I used em-5 so it's disappointing.

Thanks Mark.

I only have the (black)EM5/with grip with kit 12-50 and recently added the (black) 75 1.8 and (black) 45 1.8

I do not know much of m4/3.

Pana and software...interesting

Pana relies on software too to correct CA (on some/one) of it's lenses?

Here's hoping Oly releases a constant aperture 12-40 (and then a 40-100) f2.8.

If that happened I'm sure those two zoom's (IQ-wise) would be high enough grade to initiate my selling off SHG.

Its sad really, pana use software adjustments too liberally, but closes the door to oly. Oly is far more stringent as regards optical quality of lenses, hence the higher cost.

You MUST consider the pana 25mm f1.4, the oly 45mm f1.8.

The 35-100 pana has less distortion. Personally i would rather hope that the rumored 12-40 comes into being. Id sell the 1235 in a pinch.

i have the oly 45 1.8 (bought it with the 75 1.8) but just like the 75 too much so that the 45 1.8 sits. also is the fact that it's only been a short while since i got the two. the occasion(s) to use the 45 1.8 will present themselves more often as the future progresses i'm sure.
i will keep the 25 1.4 in mind but i'm going to hold out for (info on at least) constant Av Oly zoom(s) for a bit

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