Credible source for comparing lens IQ?

Started Aug 19, 2013 | Questions thread
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Another thing to keep in mind...

One thing I've noticed about digital-picture's reviews that skews in favor of Canon is that it seems they leave the auto-chromatic aberration adjustment on in the their camera bodies when they test. This is a feature Canon has that Nikon does not, so when you look at say the 85 1.8's, or the 100/105 Macros in their 'Image Quality' tool, the Canon's look a lot better (no/less purple fringing, cleaner edges) simply because they've put this adjustment on, not necessarily because the lens is better in that regard. Gives kind of an unfair comparison, and is another reason why I take this site with a grain of salt. It's unfortunate because the image quality comparison tool could be a great and useful resource, if it were done equally.

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