Lighting Setup for these photos (?)

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Re: Lighting Setup for these photos (?)

almanacia wrote:

Do you think these photos required a lot of editing? The shadows look natural and unnatural at the same time, if you know what I mean. Did the photographer shoot on a white-ish background and make it completely white in Photoshop? Or did he have a pure white background (by lighting it with strobes) to begin with?

I don't think there was much special editing. The pictures are pretty bright. Product photography (of small things) often lights the white paper from below, but I doubt that was done here.

1st one, looks like just a flash. Not very soft. Softened, but not soft. Good, but seems amateurish.

Second one, light was closer (larger light, softer shadow). A large close light makes very soft vague shadows, if visible at all. Large dim very vague shadow at side of loaf, behind the slice.  And probably there was another flash (or maybe reflector board) at that side, low height and low level (fill, and shine on the side of slice of bread). See about "soft".

Third one, light was directly above, and a little overexposed, which would brighten the white paper too. I doubt that picture would sell.

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