Darn Micro Four Thirds -- It's just no good for wildlife shooting!

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Re: You should be impressed as well

A larger sensor for sure has advantage over a small sensor. Anyone want to revert this fact must be a politician.

FF Dslr has two advantages over Apsc or m43, the larger sensor and a lot more choices of good lenses. Except the mirror less system, al APSC lenses are usually the low ranking products in the brand road map. For Fuji x and m43, the vendors take the step to offer the lenses as their main stream products.

Just like comparing ff dslr with the medium format digital systems, the medium format digital systems do not offer compelling advantage a over the ff, I don't see the compelling advantages of ff over m43. But, with the best combination of each, It is clear ff still owns the leading head. -- in terms of better image, not the convenience.

Given time, I believe Fuji x can catch up m43 in terms of lens availability, but I doubt to offear the super tele like Canon or Nikon first tier is in their interest. The price won't be much better, largely due to the limited market size, and it lost the convenience.  Don't forget the saling point of m43 is the convenience and more popular price.

Fuji x is a little harder to say. One of the major unspoken saling point is to be the Leica clone. It has a lot more room for the pricing. It must make up mind to stay as a Leica M clone and to be satisfied with small market, or to go after M43 for the mass market. I don't think it can get both. The low price product line will always compress its high end.

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