Let me chime in too: EM1 is too BIG

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Perspective is an interesting thing....

I got into M43 due to not wanting to carry around the bulk of a DSLR and large lenses.  Imagine my surprise, then, when I ended up with a G2 and then a GH2 in the M43 lineup.  I found the handling better than any of the smaller M43s, yet the cameras and lenses were still small enough and light enough for me to truly enjoy working with this system.

Fast forward a couple of years:  The GH3 was released, and after purchasing and using one for a couple of months, I realized that it was just over my own particular size limit for comfort.  I sold it, and considered my options.  I could get an EM5, but then I would need to buy the accessory grip for it to be comfortable for me, which I did not want to do.  The G5 handled ok, but not as well as the GH2, and I really wanted the more advanced sensor of the Olys or GH3.  So, as a short term solution, I got the EPM2.  IQ is exactly what I am looking for on that, but I find it uncomfortable to use with my larger lenses (as you would expect).

So, here comes the EM1.  Same approximate size and weight as the EM5 (according to what specs I have found), with a large grip (perfect!), and image quality that should be at least a little bit better than that in the EM5.  This camera is approximately the same size as my (much beloved) GH2; smaller than the GH3, and I don't have to add an accessory grip to be able to handle my larger lenses.  Perfect!

To say that I am looking forward to trying this camera is an understatement.

My point is that as a SYSTEM M43 now has a variety of bodies with different configurations and in different sizes, ranging from the larger GH3 down to the diminutive EPM2 and GF6.  Each of those cameras hits a different set of user needs, and just because this one does not meet yours does not mean that other people won't find that it meets theirs.

The more options we have for M43 as a SYSTEM, the more likely it is to survive and grow in the market.  That is not a bad thing.

Oh, and sure, I can get an SL1 or a D3200 if I want a small DSLR body...but I guarantee you that neither one of those has half the features or construction of the EM1.  There is NOTHING on the market with the construction or features of the EM1 that is even close to the same size...and that is BEFORE you factor in the lenses.


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