Darn Micro Four Thirds -- It's just no good for wildlife shooting!

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Re: Darn Micro Four Thirds -- It's just no good for wildlife shooting!

Well I would like to say this to both APS-C and FF'rs. What small inferior differences there are between the 4/3rds format, and lenses, and the APS-C anf FF can be Mostly adjusted in post!

That's right, I said mostly, not all. Especially if they are raw and from either the EM-5 or the GH3.

Slight edge to EM-5, especially JPEG's. I own a GH3, with a Panny 12-35 XLens, absolutely fantastic! Images very good, for me, coming from a Canon 7D and 3 high end L glass lens's.

I also shoot and I'm shooting more video, and love the GH3 for that feature alone.

I think the real important issue many are missing here, (outside of enjoying bantering back and forth) is "What are you going to do with your images?"

If your images are not going to be printed any larger than say 16x20, add a Matt, now 20x24, then FF is not required, unless your a crop freak, ie, 18 megapixels +,FF bodies.

The only reason I would consider a FF Body, is if my intentions were to create large, very large prints, 30x36 or larger. I would be willing to say that the greater majority of photographers rarely print beyond 16x20, so where are the images going? Online of course, for that who needs full frame?

So for me, I always think in terms of what am I going to use these images for?

The weight, size, and being some what incognito, benefits of the 4/3rds form factor are worth the trade off of FF benefits. And, even in some instances, there is software that is pretty sophisticated today that can up-rez image files, I know, I have had a Canon 8000 Wide format printer, that I have taken 8-meg images that have a lot of detail that I up-rezed to 36x24, and you can stand 2 feet in front, and rock solid sharp!

I'm a very subject, project oriented photogarpher, videographer, so I try, can't always, match my photographic tools to to my subject, and project. I'm getting ready to go on a 60 day late summer through fall photo/video shoot out west. I love Large Prints!

So am I going to trade or buy a FF system for this project? Nope, I'm going to rent a NikonD-800E and a Fast 28mm wide prime, and only use it for those shots that I can visualize as being large prints. Why Nikon, 36 Megapixels!

But I will use my GH3 90% of the time. In the near future, big will be gone i'm sure of that, especially as we grow in tech with better dynamic range, and the elimination of High ISO noise. Noise being the main culprit that stops a lot images from going large.

Just my opinion, I try to look at things very logically.


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