I own the 17mm 1.8, what's the next best lens you can't live without?

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NZ Scott
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I own eight lenses and I couldn't do without the ... (pix)

The Photo Ninja wrote:

I have plenty of lenses for my 5D Mark III, but I was thinking of getting just one more lens for my Olympus EP5 kit. The 17mm is awesome. I was thinking maybe a 45mm 1.8 or a 75-300.

Do I need it, NO! Still, thought maybe one more lens for my kit and then call it quits (LOL, yeah right, but no seriously).

I couldn't do without two lenses: the 60/2.8 Macro and the 17/1.8.

I own the following:

1) Samyang 7.5 --- extremely sharp, optically almost perfect (apart from the distortion ...)

2) MZ 12/2.0 --- the lens I use the most, a bit overpriced

3) MZ 17/1.8 --- an excellent everyday lens, this gets almost as much use as the 12/2.0 and is an awesome street lens because of the blazing autofocus speed and ability to set hyperfocal distance

4) MZ 45/1.8 --- optically outstanding, especially for the price, but the focal length doesn't suit me and I rarely use it

5) MZ 60/2.8 Macro --- a superb macro lens that gives me lots of fun in the garden, and I would certainly shed a tear if I was parted from it

6) MZ 14-42 IIR --- acceptable image quality, but I find the retracting design to be more of a hindrance than a help

7) MZ 40-150 ED --- a great-value lens, and one that I will probably not replace, even with a constant f2.8 lens, because it's just so small and handy

8) MZ 75-300 II --- a really good lens for the price, and one that plays to the strengths of m43, as it costs a fortune to reach 600mm on full-frame

All of those lenses are good, but the one I like the least is the 14-42 IIR, because I find the retracting design to be a pain in the bum - it's an extra step to get in the way of the photography process.

The best two lenses in terms of image quality are the 7.5 fisheye and the 60/2.8 macro.

My favourite lens at the moment is the 17/1.8, because of its "normal" focal length, its blazing autofocus and its ability to zone-focus.

My most-used lens is the 12/2.0. I've never actually considered the lens to be terribly good in terms of image quality, but I find it to be my go-to lens for low light, interior and landscape shooting.

The 45/1.8 has excellent image quality, but I've never used it much because I rarely shoot head-and-shoulder portraits.

Here are some shots with each of those lenses:

1) Samyang 7.5

2) MZ 12/2.0

3) MZ 17/1.8

4) MZ 45/1.8

5) 60/2.8 Macro

6) 14-42 IIR

7) 40-150 ED

8) 75-300 II


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