I own the 17mm 1.8, what's the next best lens you can't live without?

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Re: I own the 17mm 1.8, what's the next best lens you can't live without?

The Photo Ninja wrote:

I have plenty of lenses for my 5D Mark III, but I was thinking of getting just one more lens for my Olympus EP5 kit. The 17mm is awesome. I was thinking maybe a 45mm 1.8 or a 75-300.

Do I need it, NO! Still, thought maybe one more lens for my kit and then call it quits (LOL, yeah right, but no seriously).

I have the MZ 9-18 and use it a lot. I think the IQ on my specimen is quite good, though it is not a fast lens. However, since I use it for outdoor landscape and architectural shots, that doesn't seem to matter often as I am most commonly shooting in decent light. Others might recommend the Panasonic 7-14. I don't have that lens, but lots of folks love it. I chose the MZ 9-18 over that lens mostly because I wanted to be able to use filters, which may not have been such a great reason. I think that many people think the 7-14 has better IQ than the 9-18.

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