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DP lens matched to sensor ?

There was an interresting topic popping up in the thread about modding for Leica mount, but the thread was locked in the middle of it.

The background is that now and then in this forum it is claimed that the DP lenses are matched to the sensor and therefor it is possible to get superior results even compared to a system camera (SD1M or an imaginary mirrorless version of DP) with even the most superior lens, e.g. Leica lenses.

This sounds very plausible, and it is always accepted without any comment. And maybe its not all that important - we do know that the DP2M and DP3M makes very good images. So - the lenses there are obviously very good. Even DP1M is good with regard to its FOV.

But - it is interesting to ponder IMHO. Because it affects the value of making a mirrorless DP version and also the value of getting a SD1M.

It is also an interesting topic technically. How much is it possible to match a lens to a given sensor. Here we have to assume that the sensor (including micro lenses) is identical in the DP cameras and SD1M.

Personally I think that the only things you can do with a general sensor is to make the lens tele centric and avoid too large apertures. If it is tele centric, the light will hit a general sensor optimally and a too large aperture will make the light enter outside of the FOV of the micro lenses. Thee could also be some color matching, maybe.

But - someone else might have any input on how to tailor make a lens for a sensor.

Just to get things straigh. It is of course possible to optimize the result for a given lens adapting the micro lens array. I would be surprised if they have done that though. Or do you think that SD1M, DP1M, DP2M and DP3M might have different micro lenses, tailor made for their respective usage?

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