HS50 vs SX50

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Re: HS50 vs SX50

Those are terrible samples - look at real world samples from the cameras concerned (the SX40 is NOT an SX50 lens or JPG engine wise) the SX50 in RAW totally Rocks , the detail is Phenomenal and way beyond any EXR camera and the IS is to die for - the prob is that the camera is horrible to use and you NEED to shoot RAW as the JPG engine ruins the wide end of the zoom with NR and poor distortion correction  ...

Also I`ve yet to encounter a Fuji worth shooting video with, the quality is very poor indeed and usually wobbly too (the AF leaves a lot to be desired too) , it`s a pain because they`re the ones with handy manual zooms (I don`t zoom when Videoing but like to get there fast inbetween scenes) - Video quality wise, I`d rate Fuji absolute bottom of the pile (as do all the review sites) canon are very good in fact ..

Sony and Panasonic are the Superzooms for Video if that is of main importance, the Sony ones are poor for stills above Blog size though due to way excessive base ISO NR (smearo-rama) .

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