Quad Tone RIP?

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Re: Quad Tone RIP?

If you are using an Epson Prosumer or pro printer (one that offers the Advanced B&W mode) or a pro level Canon printer (that offers the Monochrome output in either the driver or plug-in) I think you can get good, well toned results with the printer driver...but f you want total control over the tone/color (as in split toning) you won't get that in the driver–and that's where the QTR shines...you may need to drill down on using the QTR to get what you want and the technical issues in terms of usability are an issue...but f you really want to get optimal non-neutral (meaning color toned or split toned monochromatic prints) QTR is the way to go...takes some work and experimenting, but my eyes were opened by doing some tests (that ended up in the book). So, look into QTR if it supports one of your printers and yo want non-neutral high quality B&W output.

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