I own the 17mm 1.8, what's the next best lens you can't live without?

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Re: I own the 17mm 1.8, what's the next best lens you can't live without?

75mm 1.8!!

M43 is renowned for it's PRIMES, I would stay away from zooms due to how well PRIMES shoot and how well they travel on vacations.  Along with the 12mm 2, I own the 25mm 1.4, 45mm 1.8, and 75mm 1.8, plus the 'never used' kit zoom.  My two lens combo is the 12mm and 75mm for walking around, and I would recommend the 75mm because it is viciously phenomenal (I have a blast opening up shots taken with it in Adobe Lightroom, only to think... hmm not much to fix here!).

It's very sharp and shoots beautifully.  No need to believe me, just look at reviews.  If it were me buying (and I'm a hobbyist), the  17mm paired with the 75mm would cover a lot of what I would want to shoot and would make the shooting experience really fun.  I would enjoy the Canon as a workhorse and get big, heavy zooms for that, and have the complimenting m43 system there for fun and light travel. I will probably get the 17mm 1.8 eventually because I love the push/pull feature on my 12mm, but I'm pretty content with my current lineup right now.  Have fun shopping!!

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