(1dx) Best way to use flash in Av mode?

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Re: (1dx) Best way to use flash in Av mode?

AOKH wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

Zee Char wrote:

Thanks lots Zee. I will get one and replace myself.

I have the older, rounded version as well. However, my disiplay always show ETTL, so I assume there is no real need to do anything?!

Not happen very often but occasionally. But FEC always fixes the issue when it happened - FEC to a different value and FEC back to original value from camera. By using more powerful battery, keep cleaning hotshoe interface and reseating usually help to fix or reduce the issue. I am wondering by replacing with pointed pins to give more pressure to tighten up the contact, the flashgun probably will work more reliably anyway. It's a known issue to many on 580EX II. But I probably don't have time to replace it before I heading to Africa on 30th of this month where I intend to use often if necessary to fill-flash with BB mounted on telephoto-lens bracket.

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Regards. Anders

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