When to use the Whites slider in LR?

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Re: When to use the Whites slider in LR?

jfriend00 wrote:

How would you describe the best situations to use the "Whites" slider in Lightroom?

You probably know that if you put your cursor into the right end of the histogram, the white slider lights. So that's the area it controls. You can use whites to pull back tones near 255, or draw highlights into near-white territory. The reason you don't see much use in that slider is that its range is fairly restricted. I too tend to favor highlights, since a more useful range of tones gets quickly aligned favorably.

Jack Davis, a PS/LR guru and great trainer, recommends this sequence when doing base adjustments to your files during the first round through LR: Exposure, Clarity, Shadows and Highlights. Whites and blacks get handled separately, and later, using the Alt + W or B trick to spot pure whites and blacks.

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