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Re: "the autofocus is nearly as fast on 43rds as it is on m43rds"

Yes, I agree. There are some cases where my EM5 definitely focuses faster than my E5 already (in some low light, for instance). The main difference is focusing precision. With the E5 I have a sharp point, with the EM5 a fairly large square. I image the EM1 will allow the sharp point again, and the addition of face detection is very welcomed by me too (it does face detection with 4/3 lenses already, but by they time they focus, the face has usually moved).

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John Krumm
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When I sold my E-5, I didn't realize that the EM-5 was coming out; but Lo and behold it came out right after I sold my E-5.

I have to say, the focusing speed and accuracy exceed the less than stellar experience I had with my E-5 and 14-54ii combo, ESPECIALLY IN LOW LIGHT conditions.

The one issue I have is with the PAna 25mm m43 version, accuracy needs to be rechecked as for some reason it focuses to the back maybe once every 20 times.

So if the 43 lenses will aF as fast, we should all be happy.

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