(1dx) Best way to use flash in Av mode?

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Re: (1dx) Best way to use flash in Av mode?

rbarta wrote:

AlanPezz wrote:

I have a 6D. There is a menu setting to controlol the speedlight attached to the hot show. There are three options for shutter speed when in Av mode. The default is automatic. Option 2 is the limit the shutter speed between 1/60 and sync speed (1/180 on the 6D). The third option is the shoot at sync speed. You should have the same choice in your camera.

Good tip. I forgot about that and the first thing I did was set mine at sync speed (1/250) in Av because I hated the way it was set up.

But I don't use Av anymore now that I've learned that you are controlling 2 exposures and separating your subject from the background with light/dark a little or a lot or just bringing your subject up to the background lighting. I used to just use a flash for dimly lit subjects, now I control the whole image. Control the background exposure with M everything (iso, aperture, shutter speed) and control the subject lighting with usually ETTL on the flash(es) set their relative levels and FEC, sometimes you have to go manual on them too. This all may seem very simplistic to those who have been controlling (not just using) a flash for years as is the video I posted above, but it is really easy once you know what you are doing.

That is the first key element in flash photography - realizing your camera and your flash have two separate jobs. Next is understanding the physics of light. There no magic bullets.


Last is making the flash exposure look like you did not use a flash.

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