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Re: what use is GPS for a photo?

Paul Auclair wrote:

Why do folks want(need?) GPS on their camera ( I should say what GPS function(s)?)

GPS data so one can say "Oh yeah, I forgot but now I know that picture was shot in Hawaii?"

I'm not being snarky...I honestly haven't got the foggiest idea what benefit GPS data adds to a photo(other then what I mentioned above) so I'd like to know what else can there be?

Well, if you've been shooting in Yellowstone, say for about two or three weeks, lots of those geysers, thermal pools, and mud pots start looking very similar -- nice to be able to pinpoint which one is which. Not good to sell an editor a photo of X only to find out after pub that it was really Y.

And bison, to continue the Yellowstone example, tend to look a lot alike (except maybe to other bison), so it's nice to know whether an image was made in Hayden Valley or along the Madison River. Sometimes it's more than nice to know -- it's vital to how a specific image can be used.

GPS doesn't add to the photo, but it does add to the ability to data manage and can increase the credibility of the shot.


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