Why do umbrella reflectors come in 40" and 43"?

Started Aug 11, 2013 | Questions thread
WFulton Senior Member • Posts: 2,695
Re: Why do umbrella reflectors come in 40" and 43"?

Peter Gordon 01701 wrote:

Seems like a very small difference so I wondered if there is some other technical reason why one size is better than the other? TIA.

They are all sizes, and also, not all are measured the same.

Typically, the fabric dimension is specified, which is the curved over-the-top dimension. The straight across front view will be a bit less, like 45" vs 40".  But the straight across dimension also varies the the degree of curve, more flat, or more curved.

And a few just specify the straight across dimension, or some other number around in there somewhere.

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