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Re: Shaky tests

Barry Stewart wrote:

People cursed the arms-out shooting style for its inherent instability, compared to against-the-face DSLR shooting. I wondered if there was a difference for me.

I filled a mug with water and tried walking down the outdoor stairs with it held against my head. Splashes!

After refill, I tried it with my arms out, slightly bent. Much better!

Next, I got a laser pointer, held it with two hands against my forehead and aimed it at a small target 10 paces away. I was amazed how shaky it was, from balance adjustments in my feet, to heartbeats, to neck movements. Breathing, too... though you can hold that briefly or do a long exhale.

Arms-out, slightly bent, I'd say was no worse — and perhaps the variations were less jumpy.

Interestingly, waist-level shooting — as allowed by cameras with flip-up LCDs like the E-PL5 — seemed the most stable.

YMMV... but I encourage people to try the laser-pointer test. If you can attach the pointer to your camera — or cut a hole in a bar of soap to hold the pointer — so much the better.

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When I was doing shaky tests with the E-PL1 to see what my slow limits were, both with and without IBIS, I found that the VF-2 against the head stance slightly less effective than the CD about 12 inches from my face. Only a faint difference and probably experimental spread was happening, but to me the VF-2 was no advantage, both for stability or composition. But it is valuable for mucking about with manual focus lenses.

Again, everyone is different, so what works for me may be totally different for others.

Regards...... Guy

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