new camera 7D or nikkon?

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Re: new camera 7D or nikkon?

This being a Canon forum you will not be surprised that most of us are heavily invested in Canon and not considering switching brands.

Still, were I starting fresh today I would be very tempted to go with Nikon.  For normal ISOs they have the best sensors, whether you choose crop or full frame.

7D seems to be an excellent camera.  I do not own it myself but in recent years people who do own it are consistently enthusiastic, especially about the build quality and AF.  Some paper specmanship may persuade you that 70D is going to be better but you should look carefully at your requirements - 7D is still a very competitive camera and you can probably help your budget by shopping for a used one or a refurb.

Given your wish list, my approach would be more to select the main lens I want to use and see what is left over for the body.  In testing environments you probably want a build quality equivalent to Canon L series so that is a big chunk of your budget.  I would not go for FF on your budget because then you spend most money on the body instead of the glass.

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