Nikon SLR Film Camera?

Started Aug 19, 2013 | Discussions thread
petermoons Regular Member • Posts: 275
Re: Nikon SLR Film Camera?

nikon F90X (N90S) ... had one for years. never let me down. great cam.

sold it, because it gathered dust.

and because i bought a really nice nikon F4. heavy as a brick. super cam.

makes for a great paper weight now.

because two years ago i bought a hasselblad 201f. just yummy.

be warned. film can be addictive.

if i was in your situation, i'd go for a F90X or a F100.

shoot kodak portra 160-400-800 colour negs which you can convert to b&w, if necessary.

if you can, try shooting b&w film. develop and print the film yourself. wish i could still do that.


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