X30 Feature Request

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Re: X30 Feature Request

I think a real ND filter would be nice. If I want wide (landscape) I'll shoot pano, so a good 3 or 5 shot pano.  Improved higher ISO even thou it's not bad at what it does for a p&s but this would be covered if they go with a larger sensor, just keep the 12mp size.  Definately a larger capacity battery. Don't drop the tele any. Don't need or like GPS on cameras. Takes up valuable room in the camera for something more useful (to me, anyway). I really liked the ability of an inexpensive wireless shutter remote with my Nikon DSLR. Used it a lot.  I don't think I would like the added expense and size of a flip screen. I would like the pop up flash to tilt up, at least 45 degrees or more, but it may not be very usuable at it's present power. I usually only use the built in flash to trigger off camera flashes anyway, so tilting it up would keep it from interfering with my off camera lighting.

Something I've always wondered is if there's a way to design a new battery the same size as 2 or 3 aa batteries so that you could pop in aa batteries in emergency situations. I have always disliked propriatory only batteries for cameras. I rarely find myself without quick availability of aa batteries, but you don't just drop in anywhere to pick up a fully charged propriatory camera battery. Even if the shot count went down, at least you could still shoot!

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