the D4x is coming.

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Re: Still waiting . . .

Steve Bingham wrote:

tom43 wrote:

@Steve Bingham:

"Information about the D4x should be leaked in the next week or two. Stay tuned. My guess is that you will be able to buy one this fall."

This message was posted more than a month ago. Any news on this or just a not very reliable source of information?

Still waiting. I remember how long it took the D600 to finally hit the market. I am sure Nikon looks carefully at the sales figures before releasing anything. Right now Nikon is experiencing some troubled waters - financial. The yen is struggling also. The D600 was being tested a full year before we even knew about it. I still expect some word this fall.

Nikonrumors is no longer a rumor mill, but rather a sales office for Nikon products. I imagine they are under VERY tight Nikon restrictions. Too bad. The best source now is knowing someone who is an extremely good friend and also under very strict NDA - and is testing the camera. This is a very valuable position and few, if any, are willing to risk it. Ever notice that full reviews and accurate descriptions miraculously appear within a day after announcement?

Something may be in the works or as Sherlock would say, "The game is afoot!" Adorama just closed out a D600 + 24-85mm kit sale that moved nearly 1/2 million dollars worth of refurbished product in just a few days. Adorama and others are still selling refurbished D600s for $1,600, but now without the kit lens. It's anyone's guess why this particular pipeline needed to be emptied right now but it suggests that something is coming. I don't see that it would be needed to help with a D4x, but maybe it's a D400 or an improved, guaranteed cleaner D600s.

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